Welcome to Earlsdon Primary School’s website.

Earlsdon Primary School is a friendly and dynamic place, with pupils who are enthusiastic, independent learners. I am very proud of them all and what they achieve, both academically and personally.

Earlsdon is situated in a unique position in the local area, as it stands alongside a busy main thoroughfare outside the City Centre and in the heart of Earlsdon itself. The school is housed in a beautiful Victorian building and has occupied its present site since it first opened for business in 1890.

Since that time, many thousands of children have come here to learn and the school has a heritage which sees ex pupils returning as parents, grandparents and even great grandparents, comparing their experiences and memories of the place.

This heritage and tradition gives the school its heart, but today, the children enjoy a positive and forward looking ethos, with learning at its core.

We put a high premium on offering our pupils high quality experiences which enable them to become confident, reflective and independent learners. We value creativity and believe that in order to become life long learners children need to have the opportunity to extend and apply the skills we teach them.

Our school is an inclusive and welcoming place; we value all the members of our school community as well as making links locally, nationally and around the globe.

You are very welcome to visit our school and see learning in action.