As a school council we meet regularly because we are responsible for giving all the children in the school a voice.

We organise projects, such as designing the trim trail in the playground, fundraising, staff recruitment and school improvement. We also listen to ideas from our classmates and bring those ideas to the meetings. Ideas we have had recently include having a school disco and organising Earlsdon’s Got Talent. Keep checking back for our next projects.

Take a look at what we have been up to recently…

Children in Need day

IMG_0125We organised for everyone in school to dress up as a superhero and donate £1, we also ran a very busy cake sale. We even started the day off by leading the assembly. In total £648.40 was raised. We are very pleased to have helped such a worthy cause.


Anti-bullying Week

We organised for each class to create a song, rap or poem to shout out about bullying. We started the week off with an assembly, talking about what bullying actually is and what we can do to stop people from being bullied or where they can get help if they need it.

We have also created an Earlsdon Charter about bullying, explaining what we will all do to ensure that Earlsdon Primary School is always kept a bully-free zone.


This is a photograph of us leading the assembly at the start of the week. Keep checking back for more information and videos of the songs the children created to shout out about bullying.


Click to read the minutes of our latest meeting!