Senior Management

Headteacher: Mrs Gill Naylor

Deputy Headteacher: Miss Dawn Neale (SEN, inclusion, safeguarding)

Assistant Headteacher: Mrs Wendy Smith (Curriculum, Teaching and Learning, CPD)

School Business Manager: Mrs Sharon Cox

SENDCo: Miss Joanne Higgs

Key Stage 2

  • Year 6

    Lead teacher:  Miss Vicki Haines (Lead teacher, Maths)

    Teacher: Mr Gary Gascoyne (PE, educational visits)

    Learning support: Mrs Shona West, Mrs Louise Tennant

  • Year 5

    Teacher: Mr Richard Hook (ICT, Music, Choir)

    Teacher: Miss Kirsty Flanagan (Design technology)

    Learning support: Mrs Kate Blunt, Mrs Clare Baimbridge

  • Year 4

    Teacher: Miss Pavandeep Ghuman (English)

    Teacher: Miss Louise Wale (Computing)

    Teacher:  Mrs Anne Bevan (EAL)

    Learning support: Mrs Alison Hine, Miss Katie Osbourne

  • Year 3

    Teacher: Mrs Helen Griffiths (Art)

    Teacher: Mrs Michelle Andrews (Foreign languages)

    Teacher: Miss Cindy Drake (Science)

    Learning support: Mr David Webb, Miss Laura Wykes

  • Learning and pastoral support

    Additional learning support: Mr Amarpreet Brar

    Pastoral lead: Mrs Sophie McTeer

    Pastoral support: Mrs Ann Thompson, Mrs Suzanne Lopez-Bloomfield

Key Stage 1

  • Year 2

    Lead teacher:  Mrs Emily Dooley (Lead teacher, Maths)

    Teacher: Mrs Tracey Howells (English, RE)

    Teacher: Miss Joanne Higgs

    Learning support: Mrs Karen Hull, Miss Sophie Taylor, Miss Genny Thompson

  • Year 1

    Teacher: Mis Anne-Marie Blunt (History)

    Teacher: Mrs Johanna Ashmore

    Learning support: Mrs Katie Ronchetti, Miss Melissa Lewis

  • Foundation Stage

    Lead teacher: Miss Celina Bennett (Science)

    Teacher: Miss Nicolette Maybee (Geography)

    Learning support: Mrs Mandy Reilly, Mrs Dawn Smith


  • Administration officers

    Clerical Officer: Mrs Carole Atkins

    Finance Officer: Mrs Tina Ross

    Clerical Officer: Mrs Shirley Harper

    Receptionist/Clerical Assistant: Mr Nathan Rogerson 

  • Site

    Site Services Officer: Mr Kevin McDonagh


  • Lunchtime supervisors

    Mrs Joanne Brown

    Mrs Julie Burns

    Mrs June Davies

    Miss Yasmin Donnelly

    Mrs Kaye Isaac

    Mrs Finoala Judge

    Mrs Sunita Kaur

    Mrs Marie-Ann Marsay

    Mrs Maureen O’Malley

    Mrs Taranjeet Panesar

    Ms Sharon Petch

    Mrs Liz Roughton

    Mrs Tina Smith

    Mrs Barbara Szafraniec


  • Breakfast/After School club

    Play Leader: Mrs Lauren Taylor-Coles

    Deputy Play Leader: Mrs A Thompson

    Play Assistant: Miss Lorna Calcott

    Play Assistant: Mrs June Davies

    Play Assistant: Ms Yasmin Donnelly

    Play Assistant: Mrs Sunita Kaur

    Play Assistant: Miss Marie-Ann Marsay

    Play Assistant: Mrs Lena Shivshanker

    Play Assistant: Mrs Julie Trevis

    Play Assistant: Mrs Barbara Szafraniec