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Autumn Term Curriculum

  • English

    Diaries and recounts

    Lost World stories – Epic Citadel


    Persuasive writing

    Explorers – Temple Run

    Explanations and instructions

  • Mathematics

    Knowledge of place value

    Mental methods for addition and subtractions

    Mental methods for multiplication with related division facts


    Rounding Properties of shapes

  • Knowledge and Understanding of the World

    How did the Tudor reign begin?

    What was life like for children in Tudor Britain?

    Why did Henry VIII have 6 wives?

    How did explorers change what we know about the world?

    How was Guru Nanak an explorer?

  • Arts

    Tudor houses

    Self portraits

    Christmas crafts

  • PE


    Ricky’s Dance

  • PSHE

    Anti-bullying and working together

    Respecting differences


  • Special Events

    Visit to Bosworth Battlefield and Donington-Le-Heath

    Cinema trip

  • Hints to help at home

    Revise times table facts, related division facts and number bonds

    Daily reading


    Weekly Learning Log activity

 Spring Term

  • English

    Persuasive holiday brochure

    Australia Report

    Great Barrier Reef discussion, debate and letter to Australian Parliament

    Dreamtime stories

  • Maths

    Written methods for the four operations

    Problem solving

    Data handling


  • Science

    Forces and Moving Vehicles

  • ICT

    Computer Programming


  • RE


  • PSHE

    Circle time


  • Topic - Australia

    Is Australia the furthest country away from us?

    What are the wonders of Australia?

    How does life and land differ across Australia?

    Should human life be affecting the Great Barrier Reef?

    How have artists been inspired by Australia?

    Who are the Aborigines?

    What happened to the Aborigines after colonisation?

  • PE


  • Spanish

    ¿Donde Vives?

    Where we live

    All about Coventry

  • Homework

    Learning logs


    Spelling logs

    Times tables

  • Special Occasions and Events

     Partnership trip for computer programming 21st January

    Australia Day 26th January

    Year 4 Performance 18th & 19th March