We use a range of systems to keep parents informed of events and developments. Class teachers and senior members of staff are usually available informally before and after school.


Appointments can be made in person or through the office.

School Coms (e-mails and texts)

We also have an electronic communication system, School Coms, which enables us to send newsletters and other information by email, as well as text messages for emergencies.

If you would like to sign up for this please supply your details at the school office and keep us informed of any changes to your email or telephone numbers.

If you are subscribed to School Coms the majority of communications will be sent via e-mail however, children may bring home copies of leaflets and communications on Fridays.


Teachers use homework and reading diaries as communication links with parents.


We have a twitter account that will inform you of what is going on in school -follow us @EarlsdonPrimary.